What does the law require for head protection on construction sites?

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  • May 18, 2013 2:49 pm

The law requires head protection on construction sites as there are many situations where head injuries could happen.

The Construction site manager SHOULD provide all workers with suitable head protection.

What is ‘Suitable’ head protection?

Head protection should:

  • Be in good condition but if it is damaged throw it away
  • It should fit the person wearing it and be worn properly
  • The head protection will NOT stop you wearing hearing protection (when needed)
  • Hard hats SHOULD only be obtained from a reputable supplier as there are FAKE hard hats on the open market.

How can I ensure that head protection is worn?

  • By making it a site rule
  • Always wear your hard hat to set  an example for everyone else
  • By checking to make sure the others are wearing their hard hats

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